“Style from the inside out”

Long time no blog.

I had a very complex writer’s block, still blocked but here I am, trying to break through the wall.

All through summer as I tried to decide what to buy, my mind just kept racing.

Is this what I want?

Would I be comfortable in it?

Does this reflect who I am? Being androgynous at heart and in my style aswell. Let me tell you a short story; ghen ghen……LOL

Back in the university, I noticed I wasn’t absolutely satisfied with my sense of style; what I wore and how I styled my outfits in general. Something was missing, it didn’t feel like me, it didn’t feel right. So I did a little mental play with outfits, creating different looks to see which one resonates and made me happy.

Being a tomboy in high school, it was so easy to know which outfits would make me feel good. I didn’t want to be tagged a tomboy and at the same time i so wanted to be in sync with my-feel-good style.

So I ditched all my pretty dresses and skirts and brought out the big guns… Jeans, boots, tanks and all those items that made up the tomboy look I craved.

It was pretty fun putting my outfits together but to the dismay of everyone else. “Jenny why are you hiding your figure?” “This tomboy look doesn’t suit you” “Are you a boy?” “Why hide those curves?” etc.

There were so many questions and overall mixed comments(mostly negative). Those comments didn’t phase me as much as the battle I was fighting inside.

It lasted for a while till one day it felt like a chore, I realized i still wanted to play dress up but to a limit and with a little more ease. So, I began to take note of the pieces in every outfit that were more like staples for me. I wouldn’t wear an outfit if it didn’t make me happy, comfortable or in sync with my inner feelings. I began to “style from inside out”. I would wear a silhouette dress or a bodycon with sneakers or I’ll wear loose pants, boyfriend denims, shorts, skirts etc

My style evolved even more after that, I paid attention to colours that made me feel good and I stopped wearing those that made me feel like crap. “In with the new and out with the old”, I said. Little did I know that the battle would still continue… In essence, what I’m saying is that style changes, it evolves. Like we have seasons and different fashion collections in the fashion industry, so do we have personal style seasons and collections in our everyday lives.

Our style is affected by moods, the market, sometimes trends and also our budget. The major thing you’ll notice in this my story is I paid attention to how I felt and I made an effort to fix it while still making sure I looked good.

My style is still evolving. I have changed hairstyles quite a bit in the past few years, the pixie cut has lasted the longest though but who knows… who cares what you do? As long as you look good doing it and it makes you happy.

Style from the inside out, make sure an outfit you have created makes you smile before you put it on except in cases where you want to “shaku shaku with the devil”… LOL!

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