Me & My Mom

Hey Mom,

Are we going out today? Where are we going? Mommy, why I’m I wearing my going out clothes? Can I wear another shirt or shoes? This one doesn’t fit… these are a few questions Kobi(my son) asks me every time he showers.

Sometimes we tend to argue about the color matches of his outfit or if he even wants to wear it. He lights up at the thought of dressing up to go out.

After my research, I found out that he wasn’t alone in this…

Briana is more expressive. She loves dancing and playing dress up. She’ll always pay her Mom compliments on her looks- “your hair is fine, your nails are fine, your makeup is fine, Mom you forgot to wear your wig etc. This is her Mom’s way of knowing her daughter is appreciative and kind-hearted. She’ll often end their dressing sessions with “ Mom thank u for buying this dress for me, it’s beautiful”


Lani, on the other hand, is a princess, she’s spick and span. She’s the type of little girl that sits with her leg crossed, always comes back home from school as meat as she left. Lani loves, shimmers, pink nail polish and wearing her hair long. Hmm… I just wonder what her Mom has to put up with.

Chisimdi & Kamsi, these two love to wear the same outfits, they aren’t twins but funny thing is that the older sister has a twin brother but she warms up to her younger sister when playing dress up… Kamsi will straight up tell her Mom the outfit she picked isn’t right and will proceed to do a fantastic job picking out her preferred outfit. No joke, they both picked out the outfit below.

So, Dear Mom,

What is our stand here? Do we just sit and let go? Or do we fight the trend? Dressing our kids have become frustrating but I believe letting them in on it is the best way to go. This will help them get to know what they like early in life.

Fashion is a statement. It’s an art of expression by the person wearing the outfit. Finding a personal style early in life can get rid of a whole lot of stress in the future. I discovered who I was when I used to study Glamour and In-style magazines when I was little. It was a goto for me when I was bored or simply just in need of entertainment. So Mommas, sit back relax and be guided to your kids’ sense of style.


Look how happy these Moms are, right after letting their kids play a role in their personal styling.


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  • Lilywalls

    Nice write up Jenny👍
    The dress up game isn’t a joke when u v 2 girls “princess”.
    I v always wanted girls all my life. But u know how u just admire n not know what goes on behind the scene.
    Hair,color blend(shoes must fit with cloths, socks,accessories etc) now its getting nails done n joining mummy to the spa for a massage😨
    I heard the journey is just starting…..

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