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Have you met VeryJenny? The brand is very contagious. Very spontaneous. Very exciting. Very intriguing. Very inspiring.
Who’s the brand? It’s anyone who is “very”. So, if you are someone who has ever been described by the word “very” be it, very daring; very annoying or very stubborn. Then you are part of VERYJENNY. So here are a few celebrities and style stars who are my go-to androgynous inspirations.

“Androgynous fashion is a style that aims at breaking the borders of gender”. Simply put, it’s a style where a person dresses to look
neither like a boy or a girl. This is a style that isn’t for everyone
but sort out by many. It’s also a little difficult to achieve because
it can be misconstrued. It’s not about what you wear or how much it costs, it’s about how you wear it. It could be as simple as a T-shirt and jeans.

Here are some of my androgynous staples that could assist you in
breaking the gender barriers in your style. Choose outfits that are
neither very feminine or masculine.

* Loose fitted outfits like suits or Kaftans.
* Slogan and plain cotton t-shirts
* Skinny jeans worn by a man
* Boyfriend jeans
* Menswear wristwatches( my all time fave)
* Oxford shoes
* Canvas sneakers
* Hoodies and tracks
* Masculine hats like Diane Keaton.
* A structured purse aka a stylish briefcase, so unisex.
* Black trench

Gender- neutral outfits like;


DISCLAIMER; These are my thoughts/style tips and I’m not in anyway disputing the many definitions of androgyny in fashion.

Remember to always “style from the inside out”.

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