VeryJenny 7 Steps To Developing Your Style

Step one – Image consulting
The very first thing you should do is to decide the type/class or person you want to be and then work around it. For example, you could choose a “retro and chic” style where all your clothing revolves around past fashion items put together in a classy fashion
Note that when choosing a class of style, Its best to be realistic. Play around with hair styles, makeup and accessories. The secret to this is stick with the pieces that define you, leaving you as comfortable as ever.
This is achieved with the help of a personal stylist or you can opt for a stylish friend that is willing to help.

Step two – Wardrobe styling and shopping
This follow up to step one is the most important step as it involves your money, time and effort. It’s when you build your wardrobe around around the class of style you have chosen.
Here you have to declutter your wardrobe and shop for the new pieces you have chosen from step one. There a a few things to bear in mind while clearing your wardrobe;
•Don’t hold on to sentiments when clearing
•Nothing like home clothes
•Dont get overwhelmed by pieces you think won’t work(get a stylist to help)
•Don’t forget your accessories.
•Don’t throw out the clothing items you took out( they will serve as a reminder of what not to buy again)
Also while shopping for a new wardrobe;
* Invest In good basics and pieces that won’t go out of style
* Check things u throw out so u know what to get next

Step Three – Outfit planning
Get a rack and plan your outfit for a week, building it using a theme. It could be a colour theme, or style theme.
This could be time consuming but very beneficial because it creates a connection between you and your clothing. Planning your outfits, gives room for imagination and less stress of impromptu outfit selection.

Step four – Tryouts.
* try the outfits for the 7days as planned, adding and taking out what you aren’t comfortable with.
* Note that the outfits can be flexible within the days of the week wearing according to your mood
* When picking a colour or theme, write out the color/theme and 3 reasons why

Step five – Building the habit
* repeat steps three and four each week
* Remember to get help from a stylist or a stylish friend
* Bear in mind your flaws make you who you are
* Accentuate the part of body you like the most

Step six – Accessorising
* Your feet are your confidence boosters, polish your nails and clad them in beautiful footwear.
* Remember when you accessorize and you feel like the outfit is too much, take out the last thing you added.

Step seven – Feedback
This is where you care about what people think, it’s purely on a research basis so, keep an open mind. You can achieve this by;
* enlisting help from a stylist to check out your weekly rack
* Post your daily appearance on social media or send to a friend
* Take in the criticism and let it show in the next week
It takes 21days to create a habit so in 3weeks, 3rack choices and all, you would have gotten a hang of it and made it feel like a routine.
And voila, an icon has been born.
All you needed to do was pay a little more attention to the way you look.
Fashion is a daily endeavour.
Live it.

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