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Yes it sounds cliche but who else didn’t wish they were Duchess Meghan? All the attention, the details to the event-even down to how she worked down the aisle, her minimal make-up and her beautiful tiara.

This could be you everyday. Simply apply these basic tips to standing out.

1) Choose what suits your body type

2) The color of the outfit you put on is very important so, go with the one that compliments your skin and not that which looks good on others.

3) Choose a glowing skin over heavy make-up

4) Accesorize for the occasion and never go over the top.

5) Wear a smile even when all the above fail you.

Back to the Royal wedding. Who else noticed how Prince Harry kept looking at the Duchess? I did.

“You look Amazing”

“I’m  so lucky”


To list a few of Prince Harry’s statements when he saw his bride. You can also evoke such reactions from others with your style on a daily basis by applying the above tips. Also check out our post on “7 steps to developing your style”

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